Adare Manor

25 - Piece Handmade Chocolate Box


**Unfortunately this product is unavailable for sale outside of Ireland**

Having a team of passionate chocolatiers has its advantages. Any special occasion calls for the invention of a special new confection, handmade in our hidden chocolate room. We have always provided these chocolates as a little in-room surprise to guests with something to celebrate, but now you can treat yourself or someone special any time you like. Presented in a bespoke Adare Manor box, our chocolates make a magnificent gift, and a wonderful secret indulgence. 

Designed to capture the eye and enchant the senses, the Adare Manor 25-piece chocolate box boasts a rainbow of intriguing flavours such as; passionfruit & caramel infused chocolate, sea salted caramel, hazelnut and almond praline, strawberry and mint and sweet apple and cinnamon. With a team of creative culinary minds always at work, you never know what delight they will come up with next.  


**Unfortunately this product is unavailable for sale outside of Ireland**

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