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Adare Manor collaborate with Kerry-based multidisciplinary artist and craftsperson Fiachra Crowley

In a tale of rediscovery and creative passion reignited, Fiachra Crowley's journey into the realm of design is nothing short of inspirational. It all began with a pivotal moment during his secondary school years, where a focus on academia temporarily overshadowed his childhood love for creativity. However, fate intervened when Fiachra stumbled upon a brochure for a local adult education centre, offering courses in art, craft, & design. Opting to indulge his dormant creative spirit, Fiachra embarked on a journey that would lead him back to his true calling. After completing an advanced course in art, the year 2019 marked a significant milestone as Fiachra bravely registered as self-employed, giving birth to his brand, "Fiachra Crowley Artist."


With every mold of clay and application of glaze, Fiachra's designs echo his identity, striving for beauty in simplicity that enhances rather than overwhelms. Inspiration for Fiachra's creations knows no bounds, with each piece and collection drawing from a diverse array of sources – be it a new idea, technique, or the unique essence of his clients' brands. Bold use of colour and a fearless approach to creativity resonate deeply with Fiachra, inspired by master craftsmen like Diem Pottery and creatives such as Jennifer Fitzgerald.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Fiachra's pieces come to life in his humble home studio. This sanctuary, adorned with mismatched second-hand furniture and brimming with clutter, serves as the perfect breeding ground for Fiachra's creativity to flourish and flow. Among Fiachra's notable endeavours is the bespoke collection designed for Adare Manor. Drawing inspiration from both the colour scheme of the Adare brand and his own artistic vision, Fiachra crafted pieces infused with bold block colours and simple forms, tailored to appeal to a wide audience.


For Fiachra, the most rewarding aspect of being a designer lies in the unparalleled freedom it offers. With no rules to follow, he relishes in the liberation to explore new designs, techniques, and forms, allowing his inner creative spirit to soar. Looking ahead, Fiachra's aspirations are boundless, driven by a desire to delve deeper into the endless possibilities of ceramic techniques such as Raku. 


Fiachra Crowley's journey from rediscovery to self-expression through design is truly inspiring. With each creation, he echoes his identity, striving for simplicity and beauty. As he continues to explore new horizons and push boundaries, we eagerly anticipate the innovative paths his creativity will take.



Sarah Ormston

Sarah Ormston

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