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The Adare Manor Voucher Presentation Box: a herald of wonderful things to come 

Give them the gift of anticipation. An Adare Manor voucher is a promise of future joy, a gift that begins as something to look forward to, turns into an experience to savour, and lasts forever in the form of favourite memories. 
Our Adare Manor voucher box turns your gift into an event in itself. Inspired by the ancient heraldry of the Manor House, it makes an immediate impression of grandeur and delight.  The front of the box boasts finely carved details of the manor house, welcoming you into the Adare Manor family. It is inscribed with the Latin motto “Quae Sursum Volo Videre”, which translates to “I wish to see what is beyond.” This saying, with all its aspiration, ambition, and anticipation, is at the heart of the Adare Manor experience, inscribed on the walls of the manor house and enshrined in our own promise: “Beyond Everything.”  

Opening the voucher box is an immersive, tactile experience. It has a pleasing weight and presence, and comes with its own bespoke Adare Manor bag and tissue paper: the first layers of mystery and hints of what is to come. Then, the sleeve slides off to reveal the embossed craft box: a thing of beauty. Finally, the two doors of the box swing open like the grand historic doors of the Manor House to reveal the gift within. 
The voucher box is available in monetary values from €100 and can be used toward a range of exclusive experiences. 
  • Gift vouchers may not be exchanged for cash and are non-refundable. 
  • Please note that you may be liable to pay import taxes and duties on orders shipped outside of the EU.
  • Adare Manor gift vouchers may not be purchased for use in competitions, giveaways or raffles. 
  • Please note that we cannot facilitate any new bookings for non-resident golf and spa in 2023, and we have limited availability for 2024.
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