Adare Manor

Moon And Mellow Poetic Vista - 100% Cotton Pyjamas

Made from 100% luxury organic cotton, these pyjamas feel beautifully soft and breathable on the skin. The shirt has a relaxed, tailored finish, giving an elegant shape while at the same time leaving enough room for comfort and movement. The bottoms are super flattering with a slightly wider cut leg. The waistband is softly elasticated and finished with a tie front tapered ribbon. The trousers look great worn high on the waist or slouched on the hip. It just depends on how you like to lounge! The pockets are lovely and deep which also adds to that comfortable relaxed vibe. Both the top and the bottoms are finished with a cross piped stand out cuff, adding our unique design element to a classic pyjamas. 


This print feels like the back drop to the perfect daydream. Quiet, still and effortlessly, graceful and feminine. A vision of hand painted blossom scenes and landscapes in deep burgundy and navy tones, softened by paler pinks and a delicate ivory base. Printed on luxury organic cotton as soft as a gentle breeze kissing the trees. Perfect for a true romantic.

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