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Afternoon Tea Scones

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Our most requested recipe is for the scones that we serve at Afternoon Tea. Our Executive Pastry Chef was happy to oblige and has made this step-by-step video on how to make your very own batch at home. He recommends that you serve them freshly baked with cream and lemon curd – what is your favourite way to enjoy them? Happy baking!


Scones (makes 25 scones)



100gr butter

165gr sugar

35gr baking powder

600gr plain flour

230gr milk

1 large egg

150gr raisins



Place the cold butter, sugar, baking powder and flour in the mixer and mix slowly for 15 minutes until you have a fine powder.

Add the egg and milk and mix it until combined together.

Divide the dough in 2 halves.

Add the raisins to one half.

Roll it down to desired thickness and cut - you can use a knife and do square scones if you don’t have a cutter.

Glaze with an egg wash (3 yolks, 50gr milk) and bake in the oven at 180C for approx. 15 minutes (oven dependent)


Lloyd Harnett

Lloyd Harnett

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2 Responses

Alice Slattery

Alice Slattery

February 15, 2024

Thank you for providing the full list of ingredients as well as the method. Looking forward to trying out this recipe.

Vera Valliatti

Vera Valliatti

December 19, 2022

I appreciate the kindness of providing the recipes.

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